Yard labour doesn’t have to be hard labour.

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We are so impressed with our Yardlab Power Barrow and couldn’t believe how easy the workload around our nursery became.
With the barrow now powering up the hill section of our nursery and having the brake for the downhill, we no longer struggle with our loads of potting mix or moving stock.
Using the Yardlab Power Barrow has taken the stress and pressure off niggling back problems and more work is able to be achieved now in one day than we could have ever imagined.
Thanks once again for a great product – we really should have invested in one sooner.

Rob and Maree Lloyd
Mangarewa Palms – New Plymouth

‘Thanks Yardlab,  we are using Power Barrow’s on the Paekakariki Escarpment – Te Araroa Walkway and estimate that we have moved 60 ton of material with our 2 barrows.  We liked our first one so much that we bought another!!  The key security is a great feature, batteries are lasting us a full week on one charge and the barrows hold more than a standard wheelbarrow.  Top product, very happy.  Paul – Valley Landscape’


Paul O’Hagan
valley landscape

The electric wheelbarrow was key to accomplishing a big job that required shifting a large amount of soil up three levels.
The task had to be done by hand as the area was too narrow and tight for any other method.  It was one of those jobs that we looked at one another and thought “we need an army of muscles to get through this job”!
It was mentioned to us that maybe an electric wheelbarrow would do the job.  So we bought one from Yardlab.  The soil was all shifted by Barb!  The wheelbarrow is now used all the time.
The wheelbarrow lasts three days before it needs recharging, that’s largely due to when going downhill, it recharges itself.
If you own a property that is sited on a slope, you would find the electric wheelbarrow particularly useful – it takes away all that hard work of pushing uphill.
We love tools or equipment that enables a job to be done quicker and more efficiently”!

Sustainable Landscapes  http://www.sustainablelandscapes.co.nz/electric-wheelbarrow/

Dear Yardlab
We would like to thank you for letting us trial the electric wheelbarrow. We have since purchased a model!
We have found it to be absolutely invaluable, especially on our sloping section. We have moved piles of small rocks and garden rubbish easily and because of this, these arduous jobs get done much quicker. Our backs are not strained and the garden jobs are no longer put off because of the effort required to push around a normal wheelbarrow.
My husband compares the convenience and ease of the electric wheelbarrow, to that of using a cordless drill or a gas powered nail gun and doesn’t know how we lived without it on our site for all these years!
Thanks again, for such a logical development of a very useful builders’ and garden tool.
Will and Andrea
Totara North, KAEO.

Hi there,
This is one new toy we won’t get sick of ! When it gets tired, plug ‘er in & away we go. What impresses me most – you can load it up & so long as you can lift it you can haul. (I think you did say something about not overloading, but…) Look forward to your next innovative idea for making life easier.


Hi there, We are more than satisfied with our Yardlab Electric Wheelbarrow, it is doing such a good job, and going uphill with a load is sweet on an old body!
No complaints, just thanks for introducing us to a worthwhile tool that makes life easier on this lifestyle block of many chores.
Krissie, KAITAIA